Business and Commercial Consulting

The decades of experience with our clients’ businesses possessed by the owner of the company, its partners and collaborators in this important sector have consistently been characterised by synergies with other professions, including business auditing, commercial and legal services, competition procedures, employment, labour and union law, banking law, business finance, industrial law and the protection of intangible goods, in which the office has specific competencies, in addition to traditional aspects of tax and fiscal legislation. Our method is based on a tailor-made experience specific to each client, because each of our clients is truly unique.

Business Issues

Our activities focus on all aspects of business and commercial law, from the planning and creation of an enterprise to its management and eventual liquidation. We assist our clients during the phase of start up in planning various commercial aspects using ad hoc budgeting techniques, offering assistance in defining social and statutory agreements in collaboration with leading Italian legal offices and notary publics.

We guide our clients in the mature management of their businesses through management consultancy governing all aspects of control and management, industrial and commercial analysis, financial control and analysis, contract management and personalised budgeting techniques. We accompany our clients during phases of expansion and operations of mergers and acquisitions, evaluations of businesses, branches and shares, due diligence and business plans.

We also support our clients during phases of decommissioning and liquidation, partial or total divestment of branches and companies, shares and corporate restructuring. Our office also assists enterprises, administrators and shareholders in managing internal and external business relations.